• A 50% deposit is necessary to secure your booking. Balance to be settled directly after the photoshoot.
  • Please ensure that you arrive at our home studio with a friendly and respectful manner. Our photographer values a positive and professional atmosphere and reserves the right to ask individuals displaying rude behavior to leave the premises.
  • Please note that rescheduling your photoshoot is only possible for during (weekdays.)
  • If you cancel your photoshoot, the booking fee will be forfeited. Alternatively, you have the option to switch to a Family milestone shoot when your baby reaches six months.
  • To prevent a reduction in your scheduled time, it's important to be punctual for the photoshoot. Please be aware that a late fee of an additional R700 will be incurred for every 40min of delay, likewise if the photographers need to work beyond regular hours.
  • Once the final edits are provided, the photographer will not make any additional changes. Please communicate any specific changes needed for body, skin or background during or after the session to maintain a consistent and professional outcome for everyone involved.
  • The editing duration for images relies on the queueing system determined by previous photoshoots. Regrettably, we are unable to commit to a precise timeframe. Stay updated on the editing schedule by following our WhatsApp status. Please avoid booking if you intend to rush the photographer for your images.
  • Please download all your images once received and store them securely, as we are not responsible for storing your images, take note that download links do expire.
  • Our policy emphasizes transparency by not automatically including digital backgrounds in packages. The photographer carefully considers the appearance and availability of digital backgrounds when editing the images. Ultimately, the decision to incorporate digital backgrounds into your images is made by the photographer. If the photographer decides to use a digital background the client will receive both plain and digital background version
  • Edited images typically showcase neutral toned backgrounds such as white, grey, tan or warm colors to enhance the overall aesthetic.

When the client places a deposit, it signifies their acceptance of our terms and conditions.